Principle of our Murder Parties

Our stregth : adaptability

Whether you are 10 ou 200, we have the appropriate Mortelle Soirée for you.

Our invstigations are based on :

  • The Chief Inspector coordinating the different phases of the investigation
  • The witness who saw and eared a lot of things
  • The suspects who all have a motive to murder the victim
  • Clues to understand how things happened

The witness and the suspects can be interpreted by actors or by participants of the event.
They can be not interpreted at all and the information is available with the Chief Inspector.
Therefore we can adapt our proposal to your budget and to the caracteristics of you event.

The guest of your event are only investigators working in teams. The investigation ca take place during a meal or not, inside or outside.

Through this Mortelle Soirée, the investigators will practive a team building while having fun. They will share a unique experience experimenting the world of the crime investigation.

To solve the cas, the investigators have three sources of information :

  • Observe crime scene and the first clues around the victim
  • Interview the involved characters (witness and suspects) to obtain detailed information
  • Gather clues on the victim and on the suspects available with the Chief Inspector

For more informations feel free to contact us

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